Ove the years, we’ve written articles on some of our favourite stocks in Asia and the U.S., and why we thought they were great investments at that point in time. Here are some of them.

For example, we’ve been a huge fan of BreadTalk since 2012 when we bought its stock at 49 cents. As of 21 May 2018, BreadTalk is trading at $1.80 – a return of 267.3%. We held on through its ‘fresh soya milk’ saga in 2015 (remember that?) and we’re still holding on today because we think it’s a company that has a scalable business model, strong growth factors, and a good management team in place.

Chart: Yahoo Finance

In 2017, we made 45.1% returns on ARA Asset Management which we were actually unhappy about because we thought the stock was being privatised at too low a price. …