It has been more than 2 weeks since Paper, Power, Taiga was written. Since then, both Taiga and Avarga released their 1Q18 results. I thought it would be good to review their results and consolidate new developments into this article.

Taiga’s share price has since risen 16.7% from C$1.37 to C$1.60.

On the other hand, Avarga has remained unchanged at $0.25. If we include the recent dividend of $0.005, the gain would be 2%.

1Q18 Results Review

Taiga  1Q18 Results

Taiga’s 1Q18 results exceeded my expectations, I was previously forecasting 10% sales growth with 8.4% gross margin. Actual sales growth and gross margins were 13.5% and 9.5% respectively. As mentioned in my previous article, lumber prices are a good gauge on the level of sales. As a result of operating leverage and the loan note restructuring, EBITDA and Net Profit Margins …