I really like the NAV initiative… almost up there with strawberry champagne on ice

1. Helps Set Budgets & Track Expenses

Tracking expenses is a big part of this blog. In fact, I have been consistent in publishing our monthly expenses for the past 5 years. That’s about 60 updates so far and this also shows you how much I believe in this habit. Well, whatever gets measured tends to get optimised.

Not surprisingly, I have had quite a few readers asking me which budgeting or tracking app I would recommend. I don’t always have a good answer but right now, there’s a new frontrunner. And the odds are high that you already have this app on your phone.

Drumroll…… It’s your DBS ibanking app (digibank)!

Instructions below

  1. After you have logged in, you will see that there is a “Financial GPS” tab on the screen.
  2. Click on that and …