I am enjoying life now.

No no, I am not yet retired.

And no, it’s not that I am living a life of luxury.

It’s just that now, I have more time for myself.

So what exactly am I are to?

The thing is, I have taken a sabbatical from work.

For six months. I wish it could be longer, but unfortunately the organisation that I am currently employed to will not be able to accede to anything longer.

And really 6 months is better than nothing.

And I am enjoying the benefits of this sabbatical.

It’s not like I am leading a really cool life right now, you know sipping latte at cafes while blogging in the humid afternoon.

Nor meeting up with my girlfriends for the “girls night out” kinda thing.

In fact, a better definition would probably be a stay-at-home- mum.

And I am totally enjoying