The CPF scheme was originally conceived as a Government assisted retirement contribution scheme. However, over years of reading blogs, you come across interesting ways people use it to achieve certain outcomes.

Here’s a collection of my favourite CPF Hacks that I feel everyone should know about.

Credits: Some of the ideas originate from A Singaporean Stocks Investor (ASSI), a veteran financial blogger who believes that CPF should be the cornerstone of your retirement.

Basic Hacks

1) When you contribute matters

Contributing in January or in December in any given year affects the eventual amount of interest you receive at year end. This is because of the way the CPF Board computes the amount of interest to pay its members.

CPF interest is computed monthly, then compounded and credited annually to your respective accounts. CPF interest earned in the preceding year will be credited to members’ CPF accounts by the 3rd working day in January.

Source: CPF FAQ …