Aites guys, here it is, my declaration of love.

Havven is currently the project that I am most excited about in the crypto space right now.

There are A LOT A LOT A LOTTTTT of critics of stablecoins, but meh. I’ve read their opinions and views. I don’t agree with most of them. So here I am, swimming against the tide again. As usual.

So what is Havven? Crypto Lark, one of my favourite, no bullshit YouTuber, talks to Havven’s founder, Kain in this interview below.

If you remember one of my previous articles about the crypto path to trillions, I linked Multicoin Capital Kyle Sumani’s article which mentioned that one of the possible paths is through stablecoins (the other two being Store of Value and Utility).

Again, like I said, stablecoins have LOTS of very vocal critics. But I am no fool, so I’ve done my own readings.