Today, I have bid farewell to the 1X club and officially entered the 2X club.

While I’m still relatively young as compared to majority of the peers around, this does not indicate that we are different.

Age is just an indicative number that tells us how long we’re around on planet earth. What’s more important is our mentality towards dealing with issues that cocks up in our lives.

We are all humans. And having to mention about this, I vividly remember one of my favourite sentence in AK’s blog.

Source: AK71Link: Chinese New Year of Dog (2018)

Much contradicting to my statement above, but we should take a look at the key in this statement – We must know ourselves.

Hence, I felt that irregardless of age, we are not different and we have to know ourselves.

As we live longer on this planet, we’ve obtained something in return for our time – Experience and …