I don’t have much to talk about because I’ll be spending the weekend in NLB to crank up more backtests for my next talk which is entitle “F.U. Money”. I can’t start my marketing blitz until I finalized my contents.

But here’s a share on what I’ve been thinking about of late.

The latest buzzword being bandied around is Quantamental Investing and I did some Googling to find out how professionals do it. Right now, I can’t figure out how this is anything new compared to what was done before so it is possible that some people invent a new buzzword to attract more investor money.

What I do know, and struggle with, is to find ways to incorporate the Piotroski F-Score into my¬† local stocks picks. Joseph Piotroski is an accounting professor who found stocks with low P/B generally fall into two categories – those that are cheap …