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CareShield Life is basically ElderShield 2.0, newer but better, with a funky new name.

CareShield Life is almost similar to ElderShield but with better coverage, as part of the Government’s initiative to better address our aging population.

What is CareShield Life?

Similar to ElderShield, CareShield Life offers a payout upon severe disability to help finance the long-term care cost.

Lifetime cash payouts
– As long as you are severely disabled Payouts increase over time
– Starting from S$600/month in 2020 Government subsidies available Premiums fully payable by Medisave An improvement from ElderShield The original ElderShield 300 provided S$300/month for 5 years – wasn’t enough. Upgraded it to ElderShield 400, which provided S$400/month for 6 years – still wasn’t enough. Then