I believe some investors are still in the state of numbness, while many others still believe that Hyflux is different from Noble  as Hyflux hold hard assets with strategic relevance to Singapore. Many others may not even know their investments are in trouble, especially those retirees.

How am i affected?I don’t know frankly because i am still sleeping fairly well, but i am posting pretty fervently and finding out more. Its weird. I don’t understand myself…maybe it hasn’t sunk in. I don’t know. But i certainly hate to lose money.

Anyway, is this a cashflow problem for Hyflux that is temporary and just needs time to heal or a structural one where Hyflux should just be allowed to fail. Let’s not look at the assets Hyflux hold as a national strategic one, but rather through economic lens.

Hyflux problem started with the Tuaspring desalination project. I really …