A request from a reader who’s concerned about the 99yr HDB lease problem.

There’s a couple of ways to look at this problem, so

I’ll cover a few scenarios.
I won’t cover the situation where one can buy a freehold property. Cos if one has money, then this isn’t a problem. The issue most of us will have is that we aren’t really rich enough and are pretty stuck in the middle.

The simplest scenario is a situation like me and my wife.
We are a young couple. And we bought the HDB directly from HDB. We bought it at a discounted rate and after 5 years we are able to sell it.
Although we aren’t really planning on having kids. The idea that the HDB will expire worthless doesn’t sit well with me. So no matter what, I will try to preserve the “asset” if possible.

This would mean that after 15-20 years, we will likely …