Huobi Pro, one of the leading digital exchanges globally, announced on 23rd May 2018 that they are launching a Crypto Market Index called Huobi 10 Index.

It is uniquely designed to track the 10 most promising digital assets based on trading volume, market value and technological superiority.

1. Introduction of Huobi 10 Index (H10 Index)

Starting with a base of 1,000 points, the Huobi 10 Index is currently in Beta version and investors can already check out how it is performing here. For your convenience, I have attached a screenshot shown below.

A financial product named ‘HB10’ derived from the Huobi 10 Index will be launched as soon as early June.

During the subscription period, traders can exchange HB10 product with USDT, BTC, ETH, and HT. 3 days after the subscription period is over, HB10 can be traded in USDT on Huobi Pro. More associated financial derivatives are also