Step 1

Don’t read articles by this egotistical blogger like this one warning about shitty ICOs.

Step 2

Choose a project based on amount of bonus tokens.
Only the best of the best projects give bonus tokens.
More bonus, more betterer, right? The betterest, I believe.

Step 3

Make sure that the CEO of this tech company and blockchain project actually doesn’t understand technology by ensuring his last LinkedIn activity was 4 years ago and his last twitter activity was 3 months ago.

Step 4

Confirm that the project is
– targeting a very niche segment of users
– who will not pay for any services

This is to ensures minimum revenue, cashflow and profits.

Step 6

Skip the whitepaper, except the part on the token’s lack of utility.
This is important because if the token is actually not redundant, it might have value.

Step 7

If possible, join a …