Welcome to the second volume of Friday reads!

And here are the lineups for this week.

Inheritance: It’s More than You Think (BecomingMinimalist) 

Joshua shared a pretty good point regarding inheritance. Many would think of inheritance as the tangibles, passing down money, property, etc. But what about the intangibles? And that, really leaves us a lot of think about.

Climate Change Will Make Rice Less Healthy in Years to Come: Report (Global Citizen)

This caught my attention since rice is a staple for me and my family. Apparently, elevated levels of carbon dioxide reduces the nutritional value of rice crops. And I was just thinking that this could pretty well extend beyond rice, with repercussions on other types of crops as well.

A Lifetime of Lessons (The Simple Dollar) 

Sylvia Bloom, a legal secretary who earns a relatable income managed to amass a fairly sizable fortune in her lifetime. When