I was accumulating at close to and under $2.00 a share amidst very bearish sentiments, having decided that ComfortDelgro’s balance sheet was robust and that its dividend was sustainable even if the entire taxi business was shut down.

The last time I bought more at under $2.00 a share was in 1Q 2018.

It should be quite clear that my decision to invest in ComfortDelgro was mainly for income but, of course, I am not averse to doing a bit of trading either.

So, if I were to sell some of my investment in ComfortDelgro, what prices would I sell at?

Ideally, we want to sell at prices we would not buy at and not at any price Mr. Market threw at us because we did not have a choice.

When I shared my incomplete analysis of ComfortDelgro many months ago (see related post at the end of this blog) …