Yesterday, dropped by the 28th edition of The PC Show 2018 (Singapore) at Marina Bay Sands with friend. Usually I went home empty handed after the casual “walk walk and look look” but this time round, I went home with 2 new gadgets : Google Home Mini and wireless earphone (Zagg’s Summit Wireless).

In this post, I will share a little bit more of my first A.I (Artificial Intelligent) gadget i.e. Google Home Mini. The reason I’ve gotten myself the Google Home Mini instead of the bulkier/heavier Google Home is because besides the better speaker quality for the latter, the functionality for both are identical. Since I am not an audiophile, I opt for the smaller and cheaper version.

What’s there in the box? 

  1. The Google Home Mini
  2. The power cable
  3. A couple of instruction cards …