THE Ministry of Transport (MOT) issued a statement late on Monday to say that Singapore has yet to receive official word from Malaysia regarding the supposed cancellation of the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore high-speed rail (HSR).

The MOT, indicating that it would wait for official word from Malaysia before proceeding, said in its statement: “We had agreed to proceed with the HSR project based on mutual benefits and obligations set out in the HSR bilateral agreement.”

Meanwhile, property analysts have said that although the cancellation of the project – which is to have its terminus in Jurong – will put a dampener on the area’s aspirations to be Singapore’s second central business district (CBD), it is unlikely to deal a knockout blow to the area’s prospects.

PROBABLY in a few months’ time, equity investors will have more options to ride the upswing in Singapore’s residential market besides developer stocks and APAC Realty …