Investment-linked policies, or colloquially know as ILPs, are policies that combine both protection and investment. Financial advisers (or at least errant ones) often promote these to consumers as a way to have the best of both worlds. It’s a controversial plan, with plenty of threads on forums cautioning people of its lack of utility.

In the previous comprehensive list of ILPs in Singapore, we briefly reviewed NTUC Income’s ILP offerings – VivoLink and VivaLink. In this article, fundMyLife takes a closer look at one of these two policies, VivaLink and reviews it.

Disclaimer: we are neither endorsing nor hating on these products, nor ILPs in general. We believe that there’s a time and plan for everyone. As such, it is all the more important that consumers are aware of the pros and cons of these products.

What is it?

VivaLink is a regular premium ILP. In the event of death or