It has been quite a hectic month. I was kept busy with the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy and also spent a week overseas at a resort. This helps to explain why I have not been blogging much lately. With the June holidays here, I can finally catch a breather.

Since most of the expenses of the trip (resort stay & air tickets) were already accounted for half a year ago, we only spent an additional $400 on a day trip out snorkelling and on some other miscellaneous expenses like food.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that the expenses barely passed $3,000 for this month. The average expenses for the year has also moderated to about $3,500 and who knows, we could be on target to keep expenses within $42,000 this year instead.

Eating Out: $301.30

Hawker ($119.80) – Some simple fare at the food court and some occasional indulgences …