For the first time, Temasek Holding is making available its least risky, private equity bond to retail investors like yourself.

The guidance is a yield of 4.625% for 10 years, callable in 5 years.

According to Ho Ching, Temasek CEO, this is to help supplement your retirement income.

This is not the first time corporate Singapore decide to come out with a low denominated bond so that common folks like myself can easily invest, without breaking the bank. For those who are unaware, bonds or debt instruments from organizations, corporate are typically denominated in $250,000. This makes it unavailable to a lot of wealth builders like yourself.

Even if you can afford the bond, you cannot be well diversified. Thus bond unit trust, and in recent years bond exchange traded funds like the ABF Bond Fund became more popular.

This public issue is denominated in S$1,000 and the …