< BACK TO MAIN BLOG 7th June 2018 Most of my expenditure is on sustenance. Yes, I meant food. You can contribute your thoughts like Junel here.

Food, the heartbeat of all Singaporeans. The ideal situation is that you can reap all the benefits like rewards and cash back by paying with your credit card.


Credit card terms and categories can be quite confusing. You may want to look at this guide to MCC Codes for credit cards as a reference while going down the list of credit cards.

Best Dining Credit Card Rewards: TLDR; Credit Card Dining Perks Max. Cashback Min. Spend Annual Fee Citi Cash Back Card 8% Grocery, Dining, Grab $100/Month, $25 each category $888/Month 1st Year Waived, Subsequently $192.60 OCBC 365 6% Weekend Dining, 3% Weekday + Worldwide Dining $80/Month $600/Month 2 Years Waived, Subsequently $192.60 UOB YOLO 8% Weekend Dining, Entertainment, Grab, 3% Weekdays …