This post came about because Kyith Ng from Investment Moats was giving me feedback on my slides for the upcoming talk and he wants me to see if I can suggest some alternative lifestyles or schemes for people to choose from after they achieve their financial independence.

After some deliberation, I think we can do much than that.

I think by now, readers of this blog knows that I’ve been blogging about the Death of the Singaporean Dream for quite some time. In fact, I think the Dream is already Dead. My generation’s leaders murdered the Singaporean Dream when hordes of foreigners were allowed in to keep our salaries depressed. Now the Millenials don’t buy the Dream at all, they know it’s a Faustian bargain which is why they chose work-life balance over career ambitions.

Why ?

Because Gen-X knew what betrayal feels like.

Opponents of inequality talk about small differences …