If you’ve ever used Obike before, open your app and check NOW.

Because the chances are, your $49 deposit is probably gone.

There’s a high probability that Obike has sneakily, without your consent, taken your $49 deposit to purchase their “Super VIP plan” for 1095 days.

According to a reader of mine, X, who tipped me off about this, this happened to her earlier this year in April…and she only discovered it today, two months later. Mind you, there was no notification to inform her that her deposit was gone.

A quick glance at Facebook and Reddit shows that she’s not the only affected victim.

I’m not among the affected users because a few months ago, I had already sent in a request for the refund of my $49 deposit. And nope, I STILL haven’t seen the refund credited back to my account. Neither am I the only one, …