Before we start, I have recently added my stakes in Singtel and Lippert Components at SGD 3.26 and USD 86.00 respectively. This makes Singtel the majority in my holdings. I may have to re-adjust Singtel shares again due to such exposure. For now, I will collect the dividends. Sold Oracle shares at a slight loss to raise cash levels as well as hesitated adding stakes in IRobot when it got cheaper. Accidentally, current portfolio constitutes a 50/50 allocation in SG and US markets.

Now the main topic, I will be running through the fast growers in short summaries.
Young and fast companies usually have the largest growth potentials and also the highest chances of falling apart due to lack of their establishments. In other words, they have high risks-rewards and are possible multi-baggers or the ones that can easily wipe out our money.

Lippert Components Industries

Berkshire Hathaway’s …