Ethereum is deliberating about lowering Casper staking from 1500 ETH (~$1.2 million SGD) to just 32 ETH in Casper + Sharding (~$25,000).

Owning a sharding validator might be like owning an apartment building in NYC.

I’m psyched to run an ETH sharding validator and have passive income while helping to protect and secure the blockchain that I am using.

Apparently though, there are concerns about centralization because it means that non-validating nodes are unable to reject blocks.

I see where he is coming from, but I disagree.

Right now I run 0 Ethereum nodes.

If Casper + Sharding requires just 32 ETH, I’ll be running as many as I can. More than a handful, hur hur.

I believe there if this is the case, there would be thousands of nodes coming online. Let’s see if I’m right.

There have been an increase in the “protocol” thesis lately and I’m …