Written by Jing Xuan

Underwriting is one of the most dreadful procedures of getting an insurance, but it’s a necessary evil to keep premiums affordable. It is the process whereby the insurer evaluates a proposed client’s risks before deciding whether to accept, decline, or amend the terms of acceptance.

#1 Pre-existing conditions

Having pre-existing health conditions means that an individual is likely to have higher mortality risks. Certain medical conditions will affect an insurer’s decision on whether to insure an individual and the premium rates offered. Hence, clients are required to declare any pre-existing health conditions before a policy is approved. If need be, the client may be required to go for a medical examination.

Pre-existing conditions may not necessarily mean a guaranteed denial of life insurance as insurers might still approve the policy with special amendments made, such as exclusions, higher premiums or reduced coverage amount. Clients with pre-existing