Ok! Finally I’ve got some free time.
I’ve been back from France for around a week, but something happened on my wife’s family side so I’ve been busy helping them out til now.
And I didn’t have any free time til now and hopefully I’ll be back to my usual routine from now onwards for a couple of weeks before our next flight.

So a reader sent me his current situation and I’ll see if I can share some comments.
I’m not here to tell him what to do. Just sharing some comments and opinions. He’ll have to decide what’s best for himself and his family.

Here is the key situation which the reader is concerned about.

He is 49 years old.
He stays in the west of Singapore, 15 minutes walk from an MRT station with a lot of amenities nearby.
It is a 5 room HDB, but it is 33 years old, 66 years left.
He …