Last week I was on vacation in Bangkok. Of course I made use of the occasion to view properties there. Curious to know everything about buying condos in Bangkok? Come follow me to Bangkok now!

In this episode, I will share with you:

1. Why and what foreigners buy
– What are the 3 reasons for foreigners to buy properties in Thailand?
– What kind of properties can you buy in Thailand?
– Why you should buy completed properties only?
– Which are the good locations to buy in Bangkok?

2. How a high-end condo looks like
– How is a typical high-end condo in the city centre like?
– What is the rental yield of a condo unit?
– What are the expenses and taxes of buying condos in Bangkok?

3. What to consider before you buy
– How is the current market of high-end condos in Bangkok?
– Why are the locals not buying?
– How much locals …