Continued from STI Analysis — the next peak and trough ? (XIV)

Looking at the past 14 STI analysis found that I got distracted from the 4th analysis onward when I started to get into analyzing on Elliott Wave degree lower than Intermediate level.  That was not my original intention when I started to blog on early this year.  The original intention was to track Primary degree Elliott Wave which started in 2009.  The lowest degree that should be looking at will be the Intermediate level and nothing more below that.

Tidying things up and refocus back to the Primary and Intermediate degree will now narrow down to 2 possible scenarios as shown in the chart below.

Scenario 1 (Red)
Primary degree Wave 1 started in 2009 at 1455 and ended with a leading diagonal formation at 3550.  Primary degree Wave 2 a simple zigzag formation ended …