I believe many of you, similar to me, have your minds on World Cup and your portfolio have taken a back seat.

After all, with the trade tariffs news (US and Europe, US and China, US and Canada), Fed rate hikes, and ECB to phase out QE at the end of the year, I have major doubts the share prices will rise back next week.

STI have also fallen from 3,385.71, as of 26 Dec 2017, to 3,356.73 as of 15 Jun 2018. This is the first time in 6 months that STI have fallen below the 26 Dec 2017 level.

In addition, we are also having the “sell in May and go away till November” effect and most probably the World Cup effect.

So in order to sleep well, how should we invest?

I always felt investing in fundamentally strong companies that …