Parkway Life REIT (PLife REIT) was listed on the SGX on 23 August 2007. It owns a portfolio of income-producing healthcare properties located in Singapore, Japan, and Malaysia. Presently, it is one of Asia’s largest listed healthcare REITs with a portfolio value of S$1.75 billion.

In this article, I’ll bring an overview of PLife REIT’s performance since IPO, a segmental breakdown, and its near-term growth prospects. Here are 13 things you need to know about Parkway Life REIT before you invest.

Singapore and Malaysia

1. PLife REIT has a portfolio of three world-class private hospitals located in Singapore: they are Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Gleneagles Hospital, and Parkway East Hospital. The three properties have been the main contributors to income to PLife REIT since its IPO in 2007. PLife REIT derives long-term income from leasing these hospitals to Parkway Hospitals Singapore Pte Ltd. The terms of these leases are set …