I was recently asked.
“Why do you bother to do all these. You don’t save a lot, you could get so much more if you found a job”
I mean like… It’s very little returns but a lot of small little things.

Let’s not talk about investments. Cos that one a number of normal people do it…
But like,

1) Cashflow management using the credit cards, this nets me the additional 2.43% interest from the UOB One account. This is just under $100 per account per month. ($200 x 12 per annum, total $2400)

2) Hitting minimum spend of $500 per month on the UOB One card, this gets me $50 per quarter per card so it adds up to $50 x 4 x 2 ($800).
I even bother to travel down to PWC building at Raffles place to prepay my SP Services using this card, cos that’s the only way to use UOB One card to …