Written by Chew Jing Xuan

For those who own the NTUC membership card, did you know that being a NTUC member entitles you to beyond just supermarket perks? One of the many benefits would be life insurance with NTUC GIFT- a group term life insurance that NTUC members are entitled to when they join the union. Group insurance are plans that are usually subscribed by employers or group administrator to provide some basic coverage for their employees or members. Around 15% of Singapore’s population are union members – there’s a chance that you are one too if you’re reading this.

What is NTUC GIFT?

NTUC GIFT is a group term life insurance that covers for members of NTUC affiliated unions/associations. It provides coverage for death and total/partial permanent disability. Members are automatically covered if they fulfill these criteria:

Are 16 years old and above and below 65 years old Have