A few weeks ago, I came across an article by Ryan Goh who mentioned about the younger generation purchasing flats with a low tenure left. This means that they would need to pay the loans back and the flat might not even allow them to extract equity from it due to the limited time left.

I find this really relatable as I am entering my mid-20s, buying a property has always been on my mind. With land space in Singapore decreasing, property prices would definitely react to that especially when properties in them prime areas.

I stay in the East side and prices here are on the high side according to this image that I have taken from DrWealth which shows that if I were to get a property (HDB) near the MRT stations in the East, it would be at least more than half a million.

Taken from: https://www.drwealth.com/singapore-property-prices-along-mrt-lines/
I have …