In our previous article about Great Eastern Flexi Term and Flexi Living Term, we received some feedback. More specifically, the feedback involved discussing more on the Flexi Term and Flexi Living Term premiums. We get it. In a price conscious world out there, everyone wants a plan that is value-for-money. In this article, fundMyLife manually compiled Great Eastern Flexi Term and Flexi Living Term premiums and risk permanent repetitive motion syndrome.


An insurance premium for a term plan involves several factors: biological sex, smoking status, sum assured, and years of coverage. Given the enormous number of combinations and permutations available, we decided to fix one parameter, that is age.

We assume that the applicant is aged 25. In the subsequent tables, we will vary the following:

Biological sex Smoking status Sum assured Number of years of coverage

Disclaimer: we do our best to get the most accurate information, which