I previously made a post comparing the telco’s SIM-only plan against their regular plans. After showing it to many of my colleagues, many were interested to know if the plans were comparable after factoring in the recontract period and corporate discounts. Since MyRepublic just came out with their new plans, I figured that it deserves another look to see which is better (also because 1 of my phone plan is coming due soon).

For this exercise, I’ve prepared some parameters to make it a near similar comparison and all the plans are calculated to Price/Gb/month. This means that the lesser you pay per Gb per month, the more value you are getting.

  1. Data is more important than anything else.
  2. A corporate discount of 30% is used if applicable to the plan.
  3. Talk time, SMSes and promotional/weekend data are excluded from the comparison.
  4. Must have some degree of talk time …