I like things that change my perspective. Or give me a new way to look at things.

I somehow chanced upon this serial… Westworld
It’s about a futuristic theme park called “Westworld”
And it’s set in this wild wild west theme and run by robots or artificial intelligence.
The robots are preprogrammed to go around their daily lives like normal people in the wild west era.
And humans come to Westworld to do anything they want. So they come to live their most innermost desires. Murder, rape, pillage, whatever. It’s expensive… $40,000 per day, in future dollars.
The robots are preprogrammed to not be able to hurt humans.
And every few days/weeks/whatever… the theme park resets itself and the robots are wiped clean and repaired if they are damaged and basically the robot’s preprogrammed story-line starts again.

Ok so the story builds that the robots start getting sentience and start knowing about themselves and life and what the …