We had skipped the Friday reads last week as our laptop was down and it was difficult to blog without one. I did try to do so on our ipad but it was a fairly painful process (good for watching videos but not so if you need to write an article). Figured that I should continue to blog only when we got our new machine.

Anyway, here are the goodies for this week….

The Perks of Being a House Husband (Rice Media) 

“When he’s not busy shaping his sons’ formative years through involving them in various activities, from skateboarding to appearing in his vlogs, he is their domestic helper, chauffeur and tuition teacher all at once. This seems like a fairly ordinary arrangement, until I factor in his gender and the fact that ‘housewife’ still sounds more like a word than ‘househusband’ does.”

A relatively entertaining read, this is an