We have a $220 restaurant voucher.
It’s one voucher so we have to use it in one sitting.

We were considering the options which we could best utilize the voucher.

1) We could treat the $220 like cash and be really really stingy with it.
Now, this place isn’t cheap, we wouldn’t be here if not for the voucher. Around $25-$35 per dish.
But we could order  stuff which are of good enough value to price.
You know, like fried rice, a roast chicken, stuff like that.

BUT, if we did that, we would end up with A LOT of food. We could potentially end up with 6 dishes or so. Which is a lot for the both of us.

By ordering the more normal food, we end up with a lot of food so we can either…
1a) Bring our family to eat as well so basically we treat them to a meal.
1b) Order a lot and “dabao” …