Updates for my portfolio for June 2018

Still need a lot of work on my portfolio watchlist, looking to include shares from other developed nations. I’m paying off the balance transfer faster than I would and maybe do another one using Maybank. In addition, I’m on a steep learning curve for my side venture, as I’m gonna do everything DIY instead of letting people do it for me (more costly), let’s see how it goes.

  • Buy Kingsmen Creatives at 0.575
  • Reasons
  • Depressed earnings and dividends, already providing a 4% yield
  • Get 4% yield while waiting to recover
  • Margins are being squeezed due to a tough retail market for luxury brands, now catering to mid and low retail
  • They are expecting a margin of at least 5%, target at 6-8% (have achieved over past 9 years)
  • Management is looking to improve further
  • Company is in net cash position, with …