If we want to talk about the crypto version of Acorns, we first need to know, what is Acorns?

That’s Acorns. It’s a very, very, very interesting way and tool to help people save small amounts of money without thinking about it, and also a way to invest recurring and even lump sum amounts.

The premise of Acorns is that brain-dead easy. I’ve talked about Acorns wayyyyyyyy back on my blog in 2014, so I’m actually a very big fan of this model. I think it’s a really good and painless way to help people save and invest.

So, the reason why I talked about Acorns first is that there is actually going to be a crypto version of it, and it’s called Bamboo.

Same concept – round up small purchases and help auto-invest into a basket of cryptocurrencies.

Acorns was founded in 2012, raised $100m and now is …