Episode 12 – You Don’t Know How to Drive That General Finances
By hiveup, 29th June 2018

This week Qiuyan and Michael were unexpectedly joined by her dog, a Border Collie. During birth, it was touch and go as to whether the pup was going to make it…and when it finally did, it was given the name Yolo. If you have to ask why…:-)

On a more serious note (less serious, maybe?) they discussed the importance of building a proper and detailed business plan. Both parties are often surprised when this discussion arises with first time entrepreneurs — how little some of them know about Microsoft Excel…which at some level is where every decent business plan and financial projection gets built.

Both of them agreed, building that spreadsheet the first time is hard.

They also discussed capital raising in the context of ICOs and how everyone involved in finance in general …