Singtel continue to move downwards and I was quite excited about it and bought in more to add into my portfolio. I will continue to watch this counter for any more discount and will add more if there is a GSS sale.

STI vs my portfolio

My portfolio is paying off :)

Period STI My Portfolio (Realised) Verdict
Jan 2018 -3.78% 11.26% I win

Feb 2018 -7.80% 7.23% I win

Mar 2018 -9.31% 5.98% I win

Apr 2018 -7.68% 7.23% I win

May 2018 -9.88% 5.42% I win

Jun 2018 -14.61% 1.04% I win

Total 25 stocks in portfolio

This month got some dividends from quite a few companies.

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