This is more of a lifestyle article. I frequently use Chope and Quandoo which are the 2 biggest restaurant reservation apps here.

Recently I have redeemed 1000 chope-dollars (points) for a $30 dining voucher sent via email. The process was instant and fuss-free.

Details masked out

My partner and I used it to order a delicious platter at some restaurant by the sea on a romantic night.

Huge Meat Platter: Juicy ribs, Spicy curry, Toasty bread, Crispy chicken wings, and tender sausages

I have also often redeemed 1000 Quandoo points for $15 and have gotten more than $100 in CASH so far just by visiting restaurants. No extra effort. It works by crediting the cash via bank transfer.

One of many credited transactions.

Here’s the deal: every visit to a restaurant earns you 100 Chope or Quandoo points which are worth $3 and $1.50 respectively. If you use any promo code, you …