Right now, price of ETH is $450 USD.
After Casper + Sharding, 32 ETH is required to be a validator. (this link is a great read, btw)
USDSGD rate is about 1.36.

Do the math and you get $19,584, which will be enough to get the crypto capital required to run a validator.

Buy a NUC for about $400-500 and you’ve got yourself enough hardware to host the node.

(examples of NUCs: eg1, eg2, eg3)

So there you go, for about $20,000 SGD, you’ll have the essentials to run an ETH validator once Casper and Sharding is out.

All of this is crypto nerd speak, but basically it’s going to be a “passive income instrument”.

ROI is fuzzy. Some people think 5%, but I’d imagine that the real life returns are 3%, or maybe even lower.

ROI is also in ETH, which is volatile against …