It has been a while since I blogged. My time has been taken up by wedding preparation + mostly the World Cup (I have been watching almost every 8/10pm matches). Nope, I did not bet on any of the matches, just enjoying the game and drama every 4 years. Hahahaha. On a side note, it will be < 100 days to our wedding! Like those days when the students would countdown to PSLE/O-level.

Our portfolio decrease by -0.19% to $333,410 – $11,544.89 of capital injection and $12,190.54 of capital loss.

– None

– Frasers L&I Trust (2,200 units) @ $0.967
– Capitaland (1,000 units) @ $3.480
– Capitaland (1,000 units) @ $3.330

– STI ETF (1,000 units) @ $3.380 – Lion-Philip S-REIT ETF (1,000 units) @ $0.975

We bought 1,000 units of STI ETF when the market was down and bought 1,000 units of Lion-Philip S-REIT ETF as part of our new strategy – New Singapore Budget, New REIT Strategy!

I blogged about Frasers Logistics & Industrial Trust Preferential Offering previously. I had 800 rights, oversubscribed for it …