Here is the reference article, please read it.

Here is the main classification table, I will reference it.

Store of Value
Only a HANDFUL will exist. Scarcity (stock to flow), decentralization and willingness of other people to accept them as stores of value are key factors to determine success. Upside potential is high, but can you figure out which crypto fall into this category?

Has no upside, with 100% downside risk. Not for investment purposes, but excellent as a medium of commercial transfer and short term wealth transfer.

Payment Tokens

Governance Tokens
Shit, unless you get paid (DGD)

Discount Tokens
Shit, unless people actually want to buy the tokens and use it for the discount themselves (BNB)

Work Tokens
This is my preferred classification. I believe that REP, HAV and actually even DGD falls into this category. The whole article above talks about why they are unique …