If the deal is too good to be true…
It probably is.

That’s the normal thoughts.
For us to be suspicious of deals which are too good to be true.

And many times people straight-out reject the idea.
They think of many reasons why it’s not possible and they don’t even try it out. And the conclude that the activity doesn’t work and that it’s a scam.
I’ve heard of instances where middle aged adults were suspicious of the bonus interest of banks from all the OCBC or UOB promotions.

Such that they straight-out rejected the idea. “Banks not so good one. Sure got some catch somewhere.”
And they don’t bother to explore even if their own family member has already tried and obtained the bonus interest.

Of course, it’s natural to be skeptical about certain things.
We shouldn’t stupidly follow blindly.

BUT bear in mind.
There’s a difference between laziness vs being skeptical.

If someone is skeptical, they should go and do …