Founded in 1889, Hongkong Land Holdings Ltd is a real estate conglomerate that has strategic assets located in major cities across the Asia Pacific. In 2008, its stock price halved as it coincides with the global financial crisis. Soon after, in 2009, Hongkong Land’s stock price had a prompt recovery and had gradually risen over the past 9 years.


Source: Google Finance

If you invested US$ 10,000 into Hongkong Land’s shares in 2009 at US$ 4.95 a share, today as at 29 June 2018, you would have:

  1. Grown your capital to US$ 14,444.
  2. Received US$ 2,909 in dividends over an 8-year period.
  3. Enjoyed a Total Returns of 7.64% per annum.

Is having a steady 7.64% return on investment attractive to you? Well, I think, the answer lies in your risk tolerance and expected rewards for making one investment. For instance, if you:

  1. Expect higher & faster …