So the STI ETF has fallen from a peak of 3,600 in early May to around 3,200 right now, a more than 10% drop that puts us at correction territory. Honestly, it’s not much for now, although we cannot rule out a repeat of 2015 (a more significant 25% plunge).

From what I have observed, some people are getting uneasy with the developments. It’s funny how one is always more affected by stock price dips as compared to property price dips. If a potential buyer of your house offers 10% lower than than two months ago, you will just ask him to f*** off. When stock prices decline by 10%, self confidence disappears and plenty wallow in pity.

In the event that things get worse before better, I feel the below measures could help me cope somewhat. So why not share them?

1. Do Not Check Stock Prices Frequently 

It’s …